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Cables in Electric Power Systems

Cables in Electric Power Systems

Course overview No.: 35991

German title: Kabel in der elektrischen Energieversorgung

The lectures of Hon. Prof. Dr.-Ing. F. Merschel deal with high and low voltage cable networks including communication cables (e.g. optical fibres) in power supply networks.


Students learn the basics of power cables, the physics of high-voltage cables, protective measures, earthing, corrosion protection, construction methods, mechanical and thermal properties, transport, laying and assembly, termination and connection technology, liberalised electricity market, the effects of competition on the planning, construction and operation of cable networks. As well as licensing issues, the planning of cable networks, the economic viability of cable systems, cable plans, fault location, measuring methods, reliability, intermediate and final cabling and cable and overhead lines. Students are familiar with the different types of communication cables: fibre optic cables, aerial cables on power lines, secondary cables in high-voltage systems, their manufacture and use. They also know the possibilities of influencing and the arbitration board for questions of influence as well as the cable laying for aerial cables, underground or tube cables. They have knowledge of the liberalised electricity market and its effects on planning, construction and operation of cable networks.


Hon. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Merschel
Assistant Lecturers


Tutoring Cables in Electric Power Systems
Tutoring Cables in Electric Power Systems


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