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Research and Fields of Work

The element, which connects all of our research, is the combined utilisation of modeling-/ simulation tools and the experimental characterization and validation. For this purpose, we can call on a long-term experience in the field of modeling, numerical simulation and mathematical optimisation as well as the operation of test benches and laboratory equipment.

Below you find a list of our research fields and corresponding ongoing projects.

Electric Energy Storage Systems

  • Technology selection and dimensioning methodology for energy storage systems
  • Conceptual design of hybrid energy storage systems
  • Characterisation of energy storage systems based on E-P-curves

Vehicle Energy Systems

  •  Design of on-board energy conversion systems for the utilisation of renewable energies in aviation
  •  Design of fuel cell systems for automotive drive systems

Interlinked Energy and Material Conversions Systems

  • Flexible Operation of Power-to-Heat/Cold systems
  • Design of interlinked energy systems under consideration of spatial distribution of its components
  • Design and Operation of Power-to-Gas systems

Business models and economic evaluation

  • Electric energy storage
  • Power-to-Heat/Cold systems
  • Hydrogen supply for mobility applications

PEM Water Electrolysis

  • Product permeation and gas purity
  • Current density distribution in spatially distributed cells
  • Two-phase mass transport in the porous structures of the cell
  • Dynamic behavior

PEM Fuel Cells

  • Experimental characterisation and modelling of degradation mechanisms within the electrode

Li-Ion Batteries

  • Fast charging of Li-ion batteries

If you are interested in our research or in a collaborative work please contact Prof. Hanke-Rauschenbach or one of our managing research associates.

Selected publications from 2017/2018


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