Electrical Energy Storage, Winter Semester

Circuit Circuit Circuit © Tide He, Pixabay


Teaching language

The course is taught in English.

This course conveys the skills necessary to choose between and use different electrical energy storages.

After successfully completing this course …

  • You will have an overview of the different application areas for various electrical energy storages and the associated business models;
  • You will understand the parameters that are important for characterizing different storages and storage applications and will be able to calculate them;
  • You will know the most important storage technologies, will be able to explain their functionality and will know their different characteristics and areas of application;
  • You will understand a simplified simulation model for the description of the operating behavior of storage systems (unified energy model) and will be able to use this to calculate storage operations (via MS Excel);
  • You will know the fundamental concepts regarding the operation of energy storages and will be able to formulate minimum operating strategies for specific cases;
  • You will have an overview of the approaches to choosing the proper technology and its dimensions.


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Lecture assistent
Electrical Energy Storage
Lecture assistent
Electrical Energy Storage