Publications of Electric Power Engineering Section

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Bremer, J., Gerster, J., Brückner, B., Sarstedt, M., & Lehnhoff, S. (Accepted/In press). Agent-Based Phase Space Sampling of Ensembles using Ripley’s K for Homogeneity. Paper presented at 19th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, .

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Huisinga, H., & Hofmann, L. (2021). Strukturanalyse des mit dem Erweiterten Knotenpunktverfahren formulierten Differential-algebraischen Gleichungssystems. At-Automatisierungstechnik, 69(5), 353-363.

Kluß, L., Leveringhaus, T., Sarstedt, M., & Hofmann, L. (Accepted/In press). Inclusion of Network Configurations in a Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow as a Mixed-Integer Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Program. Paper presented at NEIS 2021 , Hamburg, Germany.

Liemann, S., Strenge, L., Schultz, P., Hinners, H., Porst, J., Sarstedt, M., & Hellmann, F. (Accepted/In press). Probabilistic Stability Assessment for Active Distribution Grids. 1-6.

Majumdar, N., Sarstedt, M., Leveringhaus, T., & Hofmann, L. (Accepted/In press). Linearized Optimization for Reactive Power Dispatch at Transmission Grid Level considering Discrete Transformer Tap-Settings. In 13th IEEE PES Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference 2021 (APPEEC) (pp. 1-6)

Majumdar, N., Lotz, M. R., Beutel, V., Gerlach, J., Wegkamp, C., Hoffmann, M., Kahl, L., Wussow, J., Schlachter, H., Agert, C., Breitner, M. H., Engel, B., Geissendörfer, S., Hofmann, L., Könemund, M., Kurrat, M., Leveringhaus, T., & Maydell, K. V. (2021). Potentials and Technical Requirements for the Provision of Ancillary Services in Future Power Systems with Distributed Energy Resources. 1-8.

Neufeld, A., Schütte, N., & Hofmann, L. (2021). Anwendung und Erweiterung der Zuweisung von Oberschwingungsstrompegeln für die Netzanschlussnehmer gemäß VDE AR-N 4130. In ETG-Kongress 2021 - Von Komponenten bis zum Gesamtsystem für die Energiewende (ETG-Kongress 2021)

Sarstedt, M., Leveringhaus, T., Kluß, L., & Hofmann, L. (Accepted/In press). Comparison of Convexificated SQCQP and PSO for the Optimal Transmission System Operation based on Incremental In-Phase and Quadrature Voltage Controlled Transformers. 1. Paper presented at NEIS 2021 , Hamburg, Germany.

Sarstedt, M., Kluß, L., Gerster, J., Meldau, T., & Hofmann, L. (2021). Survey and Comparison of Optimization-Based Aggregation Methods for the Determination of the Flexibility Potentials at Vertical System Interconnections. ENERGIES, 14(3), [687].

Schäkel, N., & Hofmann, L. (2021). Exakte und genäherte Kurzschlussstromberechnung in Netzen mit Vollumrichteranlagen. At-Automatisierungstechnik, 69(5), 389-400.

Schütte, N., Neufeld, A., Hofmann, L., Dommerque, R., & Nazemi, M. (Accepted/In press). Harmonic Emission Limit Allocation Using VDE AR-N 4130: Application and Adaptation of Experiences from IEC TR 61000-3-6. In 2021 56th International Universities Power Engineering Conference, UPEC 2021 - Proceedings

Strunk, R., Sarstedt, M., & Mertens, A. (Accepted/In press). Voltage Sensitivity Estimation Based on Measurements of Distributed PV Inverters. Paper presented at 2021 IEEE 12th International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems, .

Wussow, J., Kahl, L., Lotz, M. R., Hoffmann, M., Beutel, V., Buchholz, S., Gerlach, J., Majumdar, N., Narayan, A., Scheunert, A., Baboli, P. T., Tiemann, P. H., Werth, O., Geissendörfer, S., Leveringhaus, T., Maydell, K. V., Engel, B., Kurrat, M., Agert, C., ... Huxoll, N. (2021). SiNED-Ancillary Services for Reliable Power Grids in Times of Progressive German Energiewende and Digital Transformation. In ETG-Kongress 2021 - Von Komponenten bis zum Gesamtsystem für die Energiewende (ETG-Kongress 2021)


Dokus, M., Sarstedt, M., & Mertens, A. (2020). On the Stability of Converter-Dominated Power Systems: Impedance-Based Analysis. In Proceedings 2020 International Conference on Smart Grids and Energy Systems (SGES 2020) (pp. 105-110). [9364470] IEEE Computer Society.

Herrmann, M., & Hofmann, L. (2020). Ensuring Short-term Voltage Stability in Extensive Grids With High Power Electronic Penetration by Applying Grid Forming Controls. Paper presented at International Conference on Smart Grids and Energy Systems, Perth, Australia.

Hofmann, L. (2020). Unified fault matrix method for the calculation of shunt and series faults in power systems with complete duality of shunt and series fault matrices. Electric power systems research, 189, [106556].

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Mende, D., Harms, Y., Härtel, P., Frischmuth, F., Stock, S., Braun, M., Herrmann, M., Hofmann, L., Valois, M., Bley, A., Hahn, P., Jurczyk, J., & Rathke, C. (2020). NSON II: Next Steps in Economical Connection and International Integration of Offshore Wind Energy in the North Seas. Paper presented at 19th Wind Integration Workshop, .