Welcome to our service page for students

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If you have questions or concerns, please do not send long emails to the administrative office or to Prof. Hanke-Rauschenbach.  Instead, proceed as follows:

I. Look through the list at the bottom of the page to see if your concern is one of our common concerns.  If this is the case, please follow the instructions there.  If not, please proceed to II./III.

II. If your concern regards a course from the current semester, please contact the responsible teaching assistant. Please do not use their personal email addresses; instead, use the following course email addresses.  This will ensure a timely response to your concern.

III. In all other cases, please use Prof. Hanke-Rauschenbach’s telephone consultation. No sign-up is necessary.  The consultation dates in the coming weeks are as follows (time may change on short notice - please double check the office hours shortly beforehand):

  • 29.05. 08:00-08:30
  • 03.06. 11:30-12:00
  • 14.06. 14:30-15:00

CONSULTATION IS BEING HELD OVER THE PHONE  – please write an email to Prof. Hanke-Rauschenbach during (!) the consultation dates in which you provide a telephone number.  Prof. Hanke-Rauschenbach will then call you at that number during the consultation time.

Overview of common concerns (FAQ)

  • 1. I have to take a course offered by this department as a prerequisite

    Please check under Courses to see if the course is being offered in the current semester.

    a) If it is being offered, we recommend participating in the lecture and tutorial sections.  The lecture and tutorial times can be found online in Stud.IP. This is where you can access all of the learning materials. If you have questions regarding the course material, please utilize the office hours of the responsible teaching assistant (listed on Stud.IP).

    b) If the course is not being offered in the current semester, we still recommend looking in Stud.IP for the course site from the previous semester. On Stud.IP, you’ll find all course materials and for “Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I for Mechanical Engineering” you’ll find videos of recorded lectures and tutorial sections. We recommend working through the course material throughout the semester. In the middle of the semester, we offer an informational meeting in which we give tips for the exam. The time and date for this meeting will be posted in stud.IP.

  • 2. I want to sign-up for an exam offered by this department

    If you are taking the exam as part of your course of study, then you can sign up for the exam through the central QIS-Portal before the deadline. If you cannot register for the exam through the QIS-Portal, for example because the course is a prerequisite for your studies, please send us an email to register. Please include your name, matriculation number and course of study, and send your registration to the following relevant email address:

  • 3. I want access to old exams for courses offered by this department

    Old exams are not available from our department. To prepare for the exams, we recommend the practice exercises found in the course materials.

  • 4. I would like to receive credit for a course offered by this department that I completed somewhere else.

    In order to receive credit for a course taken elsewhere, please first speak to the examination board. The examination board will check your submission and give you a form for you to take to the responsible examiner.

    Once you have received this form and approval from the examination board, you can visit Prof. Hanke-Rauschenbach’s office hours (see above for dates and times; a registration ahead of time is not necessary). When you come to the office hours, please bring:

    • Official course description and content from the previous university for the course you want approved
    • Lecture and recitation materials: textbook or powerpoint slides, lecture notes…
    • Transcript from the previous university
    • The form from the examination board

    During your office hours visit, Prof. Hanke-Rauschenbach will go through these materials with you and will check if the course completed at the previous university has any problematic differences compared to the course offered at Leibniz University Hannover according to pt. 6 from the Orientation for credit approval for courses at Leibniz University Hannover.

  • 5. I want to write my bachelor’s or master’s thesis at this department

    Please visit the page Students' and Doctoral Theses for information on this.

  • 6. I need a letter of recommendation/ assessment for a stipend

    Prof. Hanke-Rauschenbach is happy to help in cases where an official letter of recommendation or assessment by a professor is required. The following requirements should be fulfilled:

    • You should fulfill all requirements for the stipend and also have relevant documents to prove this. Prof. Hanke-Rauschenbach can then reference these accomplishments in his endorsement.
    • If possible, you should have completed at least one course from our department or have some other connection to the department (such as a student job). Many scholarship providers will only accept a letter of recommendation if there is an objective connection between the applicant and the professor that writes the assessment.

    If you fulfill these prerequisites, please send an email to our administrative office at least four weeks before the deadline to make an appointment to meet with Prof. Hanke-Rauschenbach. Please use the following subject for your email: “Appointment for letter of recommendation/assessment, deadline: …”

    Please bring the following documents to your appointment:

    • Resumé (CV)
    • Current transcript, diplomas and certificates
    • word-File with following information
      • background information on recipient of the recommendation/assessment; details on particular program (including www-link)
      • Requirements for the letter of recommendation/assessment set by the scholarship provider (for example, aspects that should be mentioned in the recommendation)
      • 2-3 bullet points/facts about each aspect that should be mentioned in the letter of recommendation/assessment
      • Recipient address for the letter of recommendation/assessment and the deadline to submit it
  • 7. I have a question regarding the electrotechnical basic research lab for mechanical engineers/ production and logistics

    The basic research lab is offered in the subject area of high voltage technology and asset management (Prof. Werle) from the Institute of Electric Power Systems (IfES). Our subject area, electric energy storage systems, does not oversee this lab. The contact person for the responsible subject field is Mr. Kuhnke. He can be reached at the following email address: grulala@ifes.uni-hannover.de. Further information can be found at electrotechnical basic research lab as well as on Stud.IP.