Research projects of Electric Power Engineering Section

EE100-konkret: Implementation of a nature-compatible design of the energy transition to 100% renewable energy

von Haaren, C., Hanke-Rauschenbach, R., Breitner, M., Hofmann, L., Wiehe, J., Thiele, J., Walter, A. M. & Weller, M.

1 Dec 201731 Oct 2020

Project: Research

Reliable Operation of Inverter-Dominated ICT-Reliant Energy Systems - from Centralized Structures to Agent-Based Decentralized Control (project in the Priority Programme 1984: Hybrid and multimodal energy systems: System theoretical methods for the transformation and operation of complex networks)

Mertens, A. & Hofmann, L.

1 Sep 201731 Oct 2021

Project: Research

URL: project website (external link)

EE100: Verbundvorhaben: Naturverträgliche Energieversorgung aus 100 % erneuerbaren Energien 2050

von Haaren, C., Hofmann, L., Rode, M., Wiehe, J. & Walter, A. M.

1 Dec 201530 Jun 2017

Project: Research

URL: Result report in German (external link)

IRPWIND: Integrated Research Programme on Wind Energy

Rolfes, R., Achmus, M., Hofmann, L., Schaumann, P., Hübler, C. & Schröder, K.

1 Mar 201428 Feb 2018

Project: Research

URL: project website (external link)