Battery Storage Systems, Summer Semester

rechargable batteries rechargable batteries rechargable batteries © Thomas B., Pixabay

Module Description

This course conveys deeper knowledge about energy storages using accumulator batteries and super capacitors as examples, with special focus on lithium ion batteries. 

After the successful completion of this course …

  • You will know the basics of connecting single cells to create storage systems and will be able to, for a given set of demands, choose a cell type and create a circuitry concept for it;
  • You will be able to map the electrical and thermal operating behavior of cell-based storage systems using a simulation model;
  • You will know the methods for cell charge balancing, the functional principle behind it and its characteristics, as well as other aspects of battery management;
  • You will be familiar with the charging process according to DIN 41772 and other charging concepts;
  • You will know about the safety risks associated with accumulator-based storage systems and how to prevent them, and will also know about the disposal methods for accumulators. 


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Lecture assistant
Energy Storage 2
Lecture assistant
Energy Storage 2