Cable Seminar

German title: Kabelseminar

The cable seminar is an event of the Institute for Electrical Energy Systems of the Leibniz University Hannover and took place for the first time in 1972 at Nexans (then Kabel- und Metallwerke Gutehoffnungshütte AG) in Hanover. The seminar is aimed at students at Leibniz University and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover as well as experienced engineers from the industry.


This year's cable seminar will take place from 22.05-23.05.2024 (excursion week). The cable seminar will be led by Dr.-Ing M. Stemmle (cable manufacturer NKT). Exciting lectures will be held at the seminar and you will be given insights into the cable industry. By participating, you will earn the fifth credit point of the course "Cables in Electrical Power Supply". Alternatively, you can also have the credit point credited to the Studium Generale. The first day ends for the seminar participants with a joint dinner. Participation in the seminar and the evening event is free of charge.

The cable seminar will take place in 2024 with the following key topics:

  •     Design and manufacture of power cables
  •     Current capacity of power cables
  •     Star point treatment and grounding in cable networks
  •     Termination and connection technology
  •     Quality management of installation and assembly companies
  •     Latest developments in cable standardisation
  •     Comparison of transmission technologies for the high-voltage grid
  •     SuedLink, the world's longest 525 kV land cable system
  •     Diagnostic procedures for power cables
  •     Construction cables in the optimised overall system
  •     Cabling of offshore wind farms
  •     Superconducting cables and current limiters


Dr.-Ing. M. Stemmle
Dr.-Ing. M. Stemmle

Information and registrarion

The cable seminar will take place from 22.05-23.05.2024. Registration is possible from now on. Please register at: and let us know when you register whether you will be attending the (free) dinner.